Employee Benefits Provider

Auto Insurance Product Email Campaign


CA Commercial worked with a major employee benefits provider in the US, who provide benefits portals to over 100 partner organizations. Their clients include NASDAQ-100 companies, privately-held Fortune 100 companies, and Ivy League universities. The company’s principal objective was to increase engagement with their top-grossing product; a leading brand of auto insurance to which 1.6 million members have access. 


CA were tasked with enhancing an email campaign for the auto insurance product by providing creative pieces and guidance based on audience analysis and segmentation.

CA received both matching information for the audience and individual-level datasets on past interactions with the benefits portal, including email interaction, purchases, quotes for insurance, and website sessions. These were used in the first instance to provide preliminary guidelines on room for growth and best practice interaction with this audience.

The audience was segmented behaviorally and demographically into custom clusters. Characterizing each segment by personality, behavior, and demographics allowed the creative team to create tailored email banners and subject lines to resonate directly with the known characteristics of individuals within each segment, with the aim of increasing over engagement in comparison with more traditional blanket advertising approaches.


The project team were able to compare the overall engagement of the CA segmented audience to the engagement of the non-CA audience, who were both emailed on the same day but were sent different content. The results of the campaign are summarized below.

Campaign results graph


The CA campaign comfortably outperformed the baseline metrics on all accounts and for every segment. The segmented groups, indicated above as ‘Cluster 1’, ‘Cluster 2’, etc., also typically outperformed the Unmatched group, who were targeted by CA but did not have behavioral information from our database attached.