CA Receives Top Honor in the 2017 ARF David Ogilvy Awards


Cambridge Analytica, the market leader in data analytics and behavioral communications, today announced it was named a winner in the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) 2017 David Ogilvy Awards. Cambridge Analytica’s campaign 'Make America Number One Again' took the gold honor in the big data category for its successful work targeting undecided voters during the 2016 presidential election.

“We’re honored to be named a winner among some of the world’s most innovative companies and campaigns.”

- Emily Cornell, Senior Vice President for Political Affairs, Cambridge Analytica

“I am very proud of the amazing work the entire team did surrounding the 2016 presidential election. Our team was able to identify a key group of undecided women voters in the final months leading up to the Election Day, which ultimately led to ‘Can’t Run Her House’ – one of the most successful ads of the cycle.”

During the 2016 presidential election, Cambridge Analytica was presented with the challenge of identifying persuadable voters, discovering the issues that would drive their voting decisions, and developing effective messaging accordingly as Election Day approached. While most voters decide who they will vote for long before heading to the polls, Cambridge Analytica embraced the challenge of reaching a small number of undecided voters with the right message just a few months before November 8.

Cambridge Analytica’s team of data scientists and digital marketers identified and targeted undecided Democratic women voters after building models of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton support in ten swing states. The team created a targeted digital marketing campaign that included some of the most successful ads of the campaign, including 'Can’t Run Her House'. The ad was especially effective among women in the state of Florida, moving intent to vote for Donald Trump by more than 8 percentage points.