Millennials are “Clueless”: Where America Shops for Clothes



Clueless the movie

Sartorially, millennials are stuck in the 1990s, according to our data analysis.

We asked American consumers which fashion brands they had bought in the last six months and discovered several trends. Our data revealed that ‘90s kids are rather nostalgic, Middle America loves Minnesota-based Maurice’s, and dads dig labels.

Urban Outfitters was the store of choice for those who came of age in the late 1990s and early 2000s, followed by mall stalwart Charlotte Russe. But a third placed finish for Hot Topic, the store frequented by goths, EMOs and nu-metal enthusiasts at the end of the last century, suggests nineties nostalgia goes beyond being a fan of Beverly Hills high school classic “Clueless”.

Millennials top 10 chart

For those born after 1980, America isn’t necessarily first. Millennials are almost three times more likely than Middle America, their moms, and dads to consider US made clothing ‘not important at all’. However, they are more concerned with social responsibility, or ethical fashion, than other groups.

Millennial reasons

Maurice in the Middle

In the American heartland, Minnesota-based Maurices was the clear winner among shoppers. In the last six months, 67.2% of people who shopped there were from Middle America. Christopher & Banks, also from Minnesota, came a distant second on 42.2%.

Middle America Top 10 chart

Designer Dads

American parents opt for very different price points when purchasing clothes. Moms are more mainstream, while dads like labels. Middle American fashion brands remain popular with mothers, who shop for clothes far more regularly than their husbands. Among fathers, Levi’s and L.L. Bean are the most popular retailers, but Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein all make the top ten.

Moms top 10

Dads top 10

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