Data-driven advanced TV services for reaching your audience cost-effectively.

How SelecTV Works at CA

Finding Your Audience

We combine data analytics, behavioral science, and multidisciplinary expertise to find your target audience. Our data-scientists take viewing data from today’s digitally-based TV set-top boxes and anonymously match it with vast quantities of in-house data. Through this approach, we identify audience segments most likely to respond to ads for your product, campaign, or cause.

Targeting Your Audience

Based on our understanding of your audience, we separate it into distinct segments which we then engage through customized, precisely-targeted TV and digital ads. To reach the audiences most likely to respond to your message, we offer our cost-effective TV service: SelecTV. It features both data-driven linear and addressable-style solutions for ad placement. Plus, post analytics are available for every campaign.


Addressable Solution

With our addressable solution, we advertise to select households with one-to-one precision and zero waste. Ads are served to select homes or zones within your target audience.

  • Reaches approximately half of the 118 million US homes with a TV.
  • Offered by six multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs).
  • Available in all 210 designated market areas (DMAs).
  • Ad inventory is half linear and half Video-on-Demand (VOD).
  • Satellite providers offer an addressable national footprint.


Linear Solution

With our data-driven, linear solution, we place your ads where there is the highest density of your target audience. Research has shown that as your target audience increases in density so do conversion rates and incremental sales.

  • Geo-based or content-based ad targeting
  • Data is matched either to MVDPs or to TV set-top boxes for targeting.
  • Syndicated and proprietary cost information
  • Database of unbundled, available TV ad inventory
  • Platform for calculating optimal media plan for your needs
  • Experienced media buyers

CA’s global team of data scientists and academics create your optimal audience segments using big data and psychographic modeling. Then, through the sophisticated data delivery system below, we provide key data insights to inform your targeted TV campaign.

Discover how you can reach your audience, reduce costs, and eliminate wasted impressions with CA’s SelecTV services.

Monitoring and reporting functionality enables schedule optimization by:

DMA / Zip Code
Program Airing
Audience Group
Select Household
Original / Repeats
Half Hour